2019 – Sick Leave Bank Enrollment

This page contains 3 documents meant to inform all educators of the 2019 enrollment period for the SDPBC Sick Leave Bank.  

While the Sick Leave Bank is administered by the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association (in conjunction with the SDPBC), you DO NOT have to be a CTA member to enroll in the Sick Leave Bank.  Enrolling in the Sick Leave Bank DOES NOT enroll you in the PBCCTA; only the Sick Leave Bank itself.  

Please review the documents below if you have any questions or concerns.

If you wish to sign up…please print out, complete, and return (via email) the Sick Leave Bank enrollment form to Tina Frank (tina.frank@floridaea.org).  She will process all enrollment forms to provide to the School District of Palm Beach County.  If you have any question not answered in the provided materials below, email Tina Frank and she will assist you.  Tina will respond to all emails in a timely manner.  (Please do not email President Katz regarding Sick Leave Bank.  Tina Frank is in charge of administering the Sick Leave Bank and enrolling new members.)

Click the arrow/box in the top right corner of each PDF window to enlarge and/or print a document

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Download (PDF, 288KB)


Download (PDF, 191KB)


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