A+ Money (School Recognition Funds) – What You Need to Know

Here is a quick reference guide for everything you need to know about state A+ (School Recognition Funds) monies.

See the image below for the exact statutory language that governs the distribution of A+ monies:

Beyond the plain language of the statute, there are literally no other mandated rules or guidelines.  As a result, all we can do is provide “suggestions” on how to navigate the process of distributing A+ monies.  See below:

Suggested procedure for deciding how to spend Florida School Recognition Funds:

  1. School staff creates proposal(s) for expenditure of funds.
  2. EBC and principal present proposal(s) to faculty and support staff.
  3. Written proposal(s) plus a choice of none of the above will be presented to the faculty and staff three days prior to the vote.
  4. Faculty and staff will vote by secret ballot on proposal(s).
  5. The proposal with the majority of votes will be implemented.  If no proposal or none of the above received the majority of votes, then EBC will reconvene and create different proposals to be presented/voted on at another meeting.
  6. Minutes and attendance sheet should be taken for each meeting.

Click the image below to visit the Florida Department of Education FAQ on A+ (School Recognition Funds)


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