CTA Building Reps – Please Attend the October 24th Rep. Assembly for the FY 17-18 Budget Vote


To all CTA Building Representatives,

Please plan to attend the October 24th Representative Assembly Meeting at 5:00 PM at our CTA offices located at 715 Spencer Drive, West Palm Beach, FL.

We will be voting on budget proposals for FY 17-18 and require a quorum in order to hold a vote.  In an effort to be mindful of your time and other personal commitments, we will be placing the budget vote at the top of the agenda.  If you are pressed for time, it is our goal to have you in and out after the vote in under 1 hour.

It is imperative that we pass a budget for the current FY in order to properly fund operations moving forward.  Please make plans to attend.

Justin Katz
CTA President

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