Eric Jourgensen (

Staff Liason

Randal Oddi (

Meeting Date

2nd Thursday of each month – 5:00 PM – (Always call/email CTA to confirm dates, as they are subject to change!)


  1. Develop programs and activities to enhance the public image of teachers and of the Association.
  2. Develop programs and activities to significantly improve internal association communications.  The object of these programs and activities is to achieve a fully informed general membership.
  3. Develop programs and activities to improve Association participation in community affairs.
  4. All activities will be used to encourage membership in CTA.

Specific Charges

  1. The external public relations plan will:
    • Deliver the CTA message to the public on a year-round basis.
    • Promote the idea that CTA is about teachers and the children that they teach.
    • Make use of every media and communications means that is available.
    • Promote more parent and citizen involvement in public education.
  2. The internal public relations plan will:
    • Make certain that all Association plans, programs, and actions are well understood by the membership.
    • Encourage membership participation in CTA affairs.- Build morale among the membership by increasing a spirit of professionalism.
    • Publicize the good work teachers are doing.
    • Wherever possible, invite member input, especially on important or controversial issues.
    • Promote new teacher participation in CTA activities.
    • In coordination with the Membership/New Teacher Committee, encourage potential members to join the Association.
    • Solicit all committee chairpersons for items to publicize.
    • Obtain personal email addresses of all members and maintain a database.