Constitution & Bylaws

Revised May, 2007
 In order that we advance the cause of education, instill professional excellence among teachers, gainrecognition of the basic importance of the teacher in the learning process, protect the rights and advancethe interests and welfare of teachers, and obtain for our members the benefits of an independent, unitedteaching profession, we do ordain and establish this Constitution.
 The name of the non-profit corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Florida, shall be thePalm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association, Inc.
This Corporation is organized for the following purposes:1
To unite the teachers of Palm Beach County in cooperative action to promote and maintainhigh standards of professional ethics, ideas and loyalty.2. To encourage active participation of teachers in the solution of school problems.3. To promote within teaching the highest standards and qualifications of professional practice.4. To maintain academic freedom, which is essential to the teaching profession.5. To secure such measures as will enable teachers to function as vital factors in educational progress.6. To aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries, a sound retirement system, and suchother improvements or conditions as will enable teachers to function properly.7. To cooperate with Associations and civic bodies having educational objectives.8. To aid in interpreting to the public problems, functions, and the steady progress of public schools.9. To provide protection to our members, as well as enforcement of all contractual issues.10. To encourage teachers to exercise their rights and privileges as citizens and to acceptwillingly leadership in civic affairs.
SECTION I – MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Association shall be on a continuing basis accordingto procedures established by the Board of Directors and the Bylaws.SECTION II – ACTIVE. The membership shall be classified as active and shall have full rights and privileges of membership as provided in the Bylaws. All instructional personnel employed by theSchool Board of Palm Beach County shall become an active member when application for membershiphas been accepted according to the Bylaws and Administrative Policies established by the Board of Directors.SECTION III – EXCLUSION. Membership in the association is to the exclusion of membership in anyother Association (other than
 NEA/FEA/AFT/FLORIDA AFL-CIO) representing or seeking to representteachers in their employment relationships with the School Board of Palm Beach County.SECTION IV-TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Any member shall remain a member unless themember fails to fulfill the conditions of membership as established in the Bylaws
 SECTION IA – OFFICERS. The officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice-President,Secretary, Treasurer, and members of the Board of Directors. Any active member may nominate or benominated for office as otherwise provided in the Bylaws and policies of this Association, and theofficer shall remain an active member throughout the term. The term of the officers of the Association
shall be for two three-year terms, commencing on July 1, 2007. No officer may serve more than two
consecutive terms. Any officer serving prior to the passing of this revised Constitution may serve no
more than 8 consecutive years in that office
A special election will be held to fill all unexpired terms.
The active members of CTA Retired will elect one active member of CTA Retired to theCTA Board of Directors. This Board member will be a voting member. The term shall be for threeyears, commencing on July 1
, 2007, and shall be for no more than two consecutive terms.SECTION II – ELIGIBILITY FOR OFFICE. All candidates for office in this Association must have been active members for three (3) consecutive years (excepting School Board approved leaves andleaves of 60 calendar days for retirement) prior to installation. (See BYLAWS Section II – ActiveMembership)SECTION III – PRESIDENT. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association. ThePresident shall preside at all official meetings of the Association.SECTION IV – VICE-PRESIDENT. The Vice-President shall serve as the President in the event of thePresident’s absence and otherwise assist the President with duties as may be assigned by the President.SECTION V – SECRETARY. The Secretary shall keep all minutes of the Association, the Board of Directors, caucus meetings and the Representative Assemblies.
SECTION VI – TREASURER. The Treasurer shall make financial reports as required by the Board of Directors and shall, in the absence of the President and Vice-President, preside at official meetings of the Board of Directors.SECTION VII – SUCCESSION AND VACANCIES. Vacancies occurring by reason of death,resignation, incapacity, judgment of impeachment, or other disqualification shall be filled according to procedures established in the Bylaws.SECTION VIII – RECALL. Elected officers of the Association may be recalled for just causeaccording to procedures established in the Bylaws.
ARTICLE VDistricts
 The Board of Directors shall create areas for the purpose of electing directors to the Board of Directors.The directors shall be elected by the Active members within the area to be served. The areas shall beestablished and reviewed as provided in the Bylaws.
ARTICLE VIRepresentative Assembly
 SECTION I – FUNCTION. The Representative Assembly shall be the legislative and supremegoverning body of the Association.SECTION IIA – MEMBERSHIP. The Representative Assembly shall be composed of AssociationRepresentatives (Building Reps.) elected by the active members in each school building as provided bythe Bylaws. The Association Representative shall serve a term of two years beginning with the Maymeeting of the Representative Assembly. The percentage of ethnic-minority AssociationRepresentatives shall be no less than the percentage of ethnic-minorities in the Association.SECTION IIB – VACANCIES – Vacancies will require a special election to be conducted within 60days in that school building where the vacancy occurs.SECTION III – MEETINGS. The Representative Assembly shall meet at least twice a year. Onemeeting shall occur in the months of October or November and the other in May. The meeting to beheld in May shall be designated as the annual meeting. Special meetings may be called by the Board of Directors upon a two-thirds vote of that body and must be called by the Board of Directors within 30days after receipt of a petition signed by at least 30 percent of the voting membership of theRepresentative Assembly.SECTION IV – POWERS. As the legislative and supreme governing body of the Association, theRepresentative Assembly shall: hear and act upon reports from Standing Committees, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director; receive and act upon petitions; pass upon and approve the budgetof the Association; formulate policies; project programs of activity; make appropriations; establishspecial services to be offered by the Association; conduct the business affairs of the Association andhave all other powers and duties necessary to the achievement of the objectives of the Association whichare not specifically delegated to other agents by this Constitution and Bylaws.