JENC Input Opportunities

The Joint Evaluation Negotiations Committee (JENC) is the negotiating body for the PBCCTA and the PBCSD, with regards to t-bargaining unit member evaluations.

JENC meets periodically during the year to address issues and concerns, as well as potential updates/changes for our evaluation system.

Members have expressed interest in knowing more about JENC, as well as being given the opportunity to provide the CTA JENC team with their input prior to meetings. CTA is currently working on a simple process that will allow members to send us their insights, concerns, and potential solutions to evaluations issues throughout the district.

An email will be circulated shortly to our members detailing this process.

The next JENC meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, March 15th, 2018. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or information you feel would be worth conveying to the CTA JENC team prior to Monday, please email them to

You will not receive a direct reply to your submission. All emails will be compiled and distributed to CTA JENC members prior to the next meeting so they are aware of your input and subsequently may be able to act on your concerns during negotiations.


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