PGP – Understand and Maximize your Score!

Please review the following document to best prepare you to complete your initial PGP form for the 2019-2020 school year.

Your PGP is DUE FOR ACTIVATION no later than Friday, October 11th, 2019.

Important Facts You Need To Know About Your PGP

1) Your administration CAN NOT tell you what element to select for your PGP. You can select ANY ELEMENT you desire (except the element you selected in the preceding year).

2) Your administration CAN NOT tell you what starting score to assess yourself on your PGP. You are free to select ANY STARTING SCORE you desire. CTA strongly suggests reviewing the PGP scoring matrix below in this email to fully understand the implications of your self-assigned starting score. The level you set your starting score at will have a direct consequence on your chances of maximizing your final PGP score for your overall evaluation.

3) Your administration CAN NOT force you to complete every element on the “Step 1:Self Assessment” portion of your PGP. You are ONLY REQUIRED to complete the self assessment survey for YOUR SELECTED ELEMENT (not all elements).

4) Your administration CAN NOT set a deadline to activate your PGP prior to the FY20 Classroom Teacher Evaluation System Handbook (CTES) prescribed activation deadline (October 11th, 2019). You have until this date to edit and ultimately activate your PGP.

5) FAILURE TO ACTIVATE and COMPLETE YOUR PGP will make it statistically IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE on your 2019-2020 overall evaluation. The PGP is worth 33% of your overall score.



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