UPDATE: CTA/SDPBC Salary Negotiations 10-2-2019

CTA met on 10-2-2019 with the SDPBC to continue contract language and salary negotiations for the 2019-2020 school year.

This was the first negotiation session where salary proposals were exchanged.

See below for each proposal:

SDPBC opened salary negotiations with an offer of 2.65% for Highly Effective and 2.11% for Effective (based on last year’s evaluation results). Their offer percentages include a 0.50% cost of living adjustment. Additionally, the SDPBC proposed increasing starting teacher pay for future new hires by $500.

CTA countered with a proposal of 4.50% for Highly Effective and 3.63% for Effective (based on last year’s evaluation results). Our offer percentages include a 1.0% cost of living increase.

The SDPBC did not counter after our counter. They will do so at the next negotiation session.

The next negotiation session is scheduled for October 11, 2019.

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