UPDATE: CTA/SDPBC Salary Negotiations 11-5-2019

The third salary negotiation session for school year 2019-2020 took place this morning between CTA/SDPBC.

At the previous negotiations session the SDPBC proposed raises of 3.25% for Highly Effective and 2.50% for Effective.

CTA responded at the time by indicating that we are unable to accept their proposal. CTA President Katz spoke at a recent school board meeting in late September and made clear that there is no possibility CTA can accept raises lower than the levels negotiated during the previous two school years.

Furthermore, because of increased funding from the state legislature this year, CTA expects that any raises negotiated for the 2019-2020 school year should be at a minimum, incrementally higher than the raises we have negotiated in each of the two previous years.

Today, CTA countered the most recent district offer of 3.25% for Highly Effective and 2.50% for Effective by maintaining our previous offer of total raises of 4.50% for Highly Effective and 3.50% for Effective (a slight adjustment to the proposed COLA to comply with state statutory language brought the Effective raise down from 3.63% to 3.5%, while maintaining the 4.50% for Highly Effective).

The SDPBC did not accept or make a counter-proposal and indicated that they needed to discuss the current state of salary negotiations with the school board before they are able to respond.

At this time, future negotiations dates are TBD and CTA will provide membership with this information as soon as it is available.

All negotiations sessions are video taped and archived for public viewing on the school district website within a day or two of taking place.


In solidarity,

CTA Negotiations Team

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