Chair: Sonia Johnson 

Committee Email Address: 

Staff Liason

Melissa Dan (

Meeting Date

Membership – 3rd Tuesday of each month – 5:30 PM – (Always call/email CTA to confirm dates, as they are subject to change.)


  1. Devise a plan for membership recruitment and retention.
  2. Provide workshops and other opportunities for members to more fully understand and take advantage of the services offered by CTA, FEA, NEA, and AFT.
  3. Promote member services and benefits.
  4. Sponsor activities and programs to recruit and retain new teachers as members of Palm Beach County CTA.

Specific Charges

  1. Realize an actual increase of CTA membership year over year.
  2. Develop a full year membership campaign.
  3. Establish and monitor a procedure for CTA (committee members, board members, leadership and staff) to respond to member drop letters.
  4. Work with  communications to ensure a membership component is included in all Association activities.
  5. Present, sponsor, and develop workshops for new teachers including, but not limited to, test preparation activities and Foundations for Effective Teaching.
  6. Sponsor NEW SPARKS/FEA FYE.
  7. Promote awareness of all educational materials available from NEA/FEA/AFT in conjunction with the Communications Committee.
  8. Oversee coordination of CTA Professional Development (formerly ER&D) and Instructional Professional Development (IPD) as they relate to new teachers.
  9. Support and oversee coordination of professional development programs to recruit new teachers.
  10. Study and apply for grants for new teachers.
  11. Offer “Foundations of Effective Teaching” through workshops.
  12. Promote affiliation with PBCSD programs.
  13. Provide new members with help/customer services.
  14. Present workshops each year in preparation for the Beginning Teacher and General Knowledge program.