Professional Development


Brianna Koch (

Staff Liason

Randal Oddi (

Meeting Date

2nd Tuesday of each month – 5:00 PM – (Always call/email CTA to confirm dates, as they are subject to change!)


  1. Plan, develop, and present workshops, seminars, and reviews for teacher certification.
  2. Assist experienced teachers with new techniques and technology training
  3. Access in-service points for CTA workshop participants.
  4. Identify members to become CTA Professional Development Trainers

Specific Charges

  1. Provide workshops on the CTES Evaluation Program, innovative and disciplined practices, conferencing skills, lesson plans, grades and record-keeping, rebuttal writing and communication skills, and Education Research and Development training.
  2. Continue to update the Representative Assembly on accountability issues.
  3. Develop and present workshops that will assist teachers in professional growth and wellness.
  4. Work towards providing staff development and college credit courses for extension and/or renewal of teaching certificates.
  5. Coordinate with other committee chairs workshops for CTA members.
  6. Participate in FEA, NEA , and AFT Professional Development Conferences.